“Home is where the feelings are” is the best phrase to describe this old Upper Gardens home in a quiet cul-de-sac. It had beautiful bones with some traditional timber floors and terracotta tiles, which provided the perfect canvas for a timely transformation.
A cleansing scrub to the terracotta tiles and a brief sand-and-seal to the floors and it started to take shape. The Kojabu team assembled a mix-and-match of finishing pieces that complimented the newly uncovered floors.
A beautiful pastiche of carpets was added to warm up the spaces with a variety of furniture pieces, light and dark, to add contrast to the living areas. The team chose a warm color palette as an ode to the terracotta and wood floors, with a dark green pop of colour to make a statement. A classic whitewashing of the walls was done to reflect the natural light and keep the space bright and breezy.

If you walk into this house now, it evokes an incredible feeling… a home.